Journal of Advanced Technology Research: This journal publishes high-quality papers on the latest research in computer science and engineering, chemical & materials engineering, and mechanical engineering. It mainly includes theoretical research that introduces new technologies, concepts, and analyzes, as well as applied research papers that introduce practical experiences and experiments in real systems. Topics covered in this journal include:


Computer Science and Engineering

Computer systems and applications, Computer in Education, Computer Architecture, Real-time Systems, Embedded Systems, Operating Systems, Parallel Distributed Computing, Algorithms, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Cluster Computing, Network and Processor Communication, Communication Systems, Mobile Communication Network, Internet of Things, Network Operation and Management, Network Structure, Mobile Computing, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Processing, Web Mining, Web Service, Mobile Service, Data Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Actuators, Agricultural Automation, Autonomous Vehicle Technologies, Control Architecture/Middleware/OS, Design of Robotic Mechanisms, Haptics/Teleoperation, Humanoid Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Intelligence/Learning, Manipulation/Grasping, Multi-Robot Systems, Navigation, Network/Ubiquitous Robots, Robot Vision, Robots and Art/Society, Robots in Education, Sensors and Sensor Networks, Standardization in Robotics


Chemical and Materials Engineering

Biochemical Process and Technology, Material Synthesis and Development, Separation, Thermodynamics, Catalysis, Reaction and Reactor Development, Process Analysis, Powder Technology, Fluid Dynamics, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Nano, Display, Inorganic materials, Petrochemical / Lubricant treatment, Electrochemistry, Fine chemicals, Colloid / Interfacial chemistry, Pulp / Paper processing system, Biological material, Chemical safety / Risk analysis


Mechanical Engineering

Materials and Fracture & Reliability, CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) and Applied Mechanics, Factory Automation, Dynamics and Control, Design Engineering and Production, Thermal and Heat Transfer, Fluid Engineering and Fluid Machinery, Energy and Environment, Bio and Nano, Industrial Applications, Production Systems, Automation, Process Systems, Navigation Guidance and Systems, Information and Networking, Multimedia Systems, Bio-Robotics, Cognitive Robotics, Medical Robots, Micro/Nano Robots, Mobile/Field Robotics, Underwater/Aerial Robots, Motion and Trajectory Planning